The systems combine desiccant dehumidification with evaporative or geothermal cooling to upgrade cogeneration systems to a trigeneration system. According to the manufacturer, they dramatically improve the energy efficiency of cogeneration systems by utilizing their waste heat to provide cooling and dehumidification. Cool water for the cooling process can be taken from any convenient source such as a cooling tower, geothermal well, or river. The company can retrofit existing cogeneration systems with dehumidification and cooling or provide a complete trigeneration system including all components. The systems can utilize low-grade heat, which can be found in many industrial manufacturing facilities, to generate energy-efficient cooling and dehumidification. The desiccant solution used in the systems disinfects and cleans the air, eliminating approximately 91 percent of microorganisms and 80 percent of airborne particles larger than 5 microns.

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