A range of eco-friendly coil cleaners is available under the company’s Green Kleen Program. The Eco-Kleen (EKC-1) coil cleaner is a degreaser formulated to remove oils, grease, grime, etc. safely and quickly. It is a nonfoaming, neutral pH coil cleaner designed for use where high-foaming cleaners and brighteners are not recommended or required. According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for use on evaporator or condenser coils that have been cleaned regularly as part of an annual HVAC maintenance program and is suitable for rooftop applications where acid and alkaline coil cleaners can damage roof surfaces. The coil cleaner is recognized under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Program. Eco-Power is a nonfoaming, heavy-duty condenser coil cleaner specifically formulated from all-natural resources designed to clean dirt, grime, and dust from exterior cooling coils. The formula is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Bio-Klean is a high-foaming, nonacid, citrus-based aerosol coil cleaner formulated with enzymes to quickly and easily remove grease, grime, and oil, for cooling coils. Safe to use and environmentally friendly, the cleaner’s enzymatic action will also eliminate mold and mildew from the coil and drain pan.

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