Accu-Tools™ eL-720 has a long-life sensor, which will quickly detect concentrations of CO2 gas as low as 400 ppm over ambient. False alarms are eliminated due to its high selectivity. Features include lightweight, ergonomic design; one-button operation; and visual and audible leak detection signals. The detector has two sensitivity modes, enabling location of large and small leaks. It has a low-battery indicator and an automatic power-off feature. According to the manufacturer, the eL-720 is excellent for servicing CO2 refrigeration systems, beverage delivery systems, and any general-purpose leak detection application where compressed CO2 can be used as a test gas. Applications include CO2 refrigeration service; carbonated beverage delivery systems; wineries; breweries; bakeries; bulk CO2 manufacturing, distribution, and service; and general leak detection (using CO2 as a test gas).

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