PORTLAND, Ore. - Home Comfort Zones Inc., developer and manufacturer of the MyTemp temperature control and energy management system, announced that the editors ofPopular Sciencemagazine have named MyTemp one of the top 100 technological innovations of the year. MyTemp received a 2008 Best of What’s New Award in the Home Technology category.

MyTemp is designed to deliver improved comfort and energy savings by providing room-by-room temperature control for residential forced-air HVAC systems. It saves energy by conditioning occupied rooms only as much as needed and by reducing conditioning in unoccupied rooms. According to Home Comfort Zones, the system is unique because it monitors the temperature in every room and individually controls the airflow to every vent. MyTemp can be installed into most existing homes without changing the HVAC system and it enables homeowners to reduce their heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 40 percent, says the company.

“Everyone at Home Comfort Zones is very excited to be recognized byPopular Scienceas a company that is revolutionizing residential temperature control,” said Hal Alles, founder and chief technology officer. “We appreciate the editors’ recognition of MyTemp’s significant advancements in comfort and energy management. This award reaffirms the hard work of our employees, partners, and investors and signifies that room-by-room temperature control is ready for widespread adoption.”

“For 21 years,Popular Science’sBest of What’s New awards honor the innovations that make a positive impact on life today and change our views of the future,” said Mark Jannot, editor-in-chief. “PopSci’seditors evaluate thousands of products each year to develop this thoughtful list; there’s no higher accoladePopular Sciencecan give.”

For more information, visit www.homecomfortzones.com.

Publication date:12/15/2008