ARLINGTON, Va. - In an effort to create a more mutually supportive relationship with its testing organizations, as of Jan. 1, North American Technician Excellence (NATE) began recognizing its testing organizations (TOs) as NATE Partners, and will subsequently be categorizing them as either Platinum or Traditional Testing Partners, according to the amount of support they provide to NATE’s testing process.

Platinum Testing Partners, those organizations performing at the top level, have sold 150 tests in 2008 or an average of 150 tests in the past three years, and have conducted at least five testing sessions in 2008. Benefits of becoming a Platinum Testing Partner include a priority listing on the NATE Website and eligibility for revenue sharing and rebates at the end of the year should NATE achieve its financial goals. Traditional Testing Partners have conducted at least two testing sessions in 2008. They will also be listed on the NATE Website.

“NATE testing organizations play a critical role in the ability of HVACR technicians to obtain certification,” said Rex Boynton, president of NATE. “Our goal is to thank these testing partners for their support of NATE and encourage them to further promote testing and certification, as well as to continue to raise the bar for both technician and contractor excellence.”

Both Platinum and Traditional Testing Partners must also actively promote NATE testing and display the NATE logo on their Websites. In return, these partners will continue to receive downloadable marketing materials and other promotional support from NATE.

Publication date:01/26/2009