FORT WAYNE, Ind. - WaterFurnace International has equipped its dealers with a “stimulus package” that offers a $2,000 rebate to customers who own WaterFurnace equipment that is 10 years old or newer. Customers must purchase an Envision™ or Synergy3D geothermal system from a participating WaterFurnace dealer before March 31, 2009, to qualify for the rebate.

“This package is a great deal for our customers, made even more attractive by federal tax incentives,” said Todd Zeplin, owner of Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Fort Wayne, Ind. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 offers a federal tax credit equal to 30 percent of installation costs on geothermal systems. In addition, many states and local utilities offer tax credits and utility rebates to help homeowners see an even faster return on their investment.

“The rebate program is also attractive from a dealer perspective,” Zeplin added. “The first quarter is historically a slow sales period for the HVAC industry. This year our challenge is compounded by the slump in the economy. As a result, all of us in the industry are looking for ways to generate more sales. This program allows us to offer an even more efficient system to customers we know are interested in energy efficiency and creates sales opportunities in the process. And WaterFurnace makes it easy for dealers to participate in the program.”

According to Zeplin, the program is simple for both dealers and homeowners. After recording the model and serial number of the old unit and removing it, dealers simply modify existing ductwork as necessary and install the new system. The dealer also provides the homeowner with a certificate stating the system meets the Energy Star requirements in place at the time of installation and provides a copy of the rebate form.

Customers who complete the form and mail/fax it to the address/fax number provided on the form, will receive a rebate check directly from WaterFurnace within 60 days. Homeowners can use IRS Form 5695 to claim their tax credit.

“WaterFurnace has created this stimulus package to support our dealers during these challenging economic times,” said Andy Fracica, director of marketing at WaterFurnace. “The package is designed to encourage the sale of new geothermal systems among our loyal customers, increasing activity at the dealer level while ensuring homeowners impressive energy savings, lower operating costs, added comfort, and low maintenance requirements.”

According to WaterFurnace, the Envision series equips dealers with one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems available. Its two-speed compressor units reach a 5.0 coefficient of performance (COP) in heating and a 30 EER (energy efficiency ratio) in cooling in ground loop applications, saving homeowners as much as 70 percent on their utility bills, says the company.

For more information about the WaterFurnace rebate, visit or contact your local WaterFurnace representative.

Publication date:03/09/2009