BOSTON - BuildingGreen LLC has announced its annual list of Top-10 Green Building Products. The 2008 list, in additional to various green building materials, includes HVAC and energy-related products.

One Top-10 product is the Matrix Total Home System, an integrated appliance from NTI that combines a gas-fired condensing boiler and furnace, a condensing on-demand water heater, and a heat-recovery ventilator into a single unit, reducing natural gas consumption by 30 percent relative to conventional heating and hot water systems. For more information, visit

The SunCache is an inexpensive solar water heating system manufactured by Harpiris Energy and developed with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The SunCache preheats cold water before it enters a conventional backup water heater. For more information, visit

And to keep track of the energy you save, the Agilewaves Resource Monitor provides residential and commercial building owners with real-time data on their use of electricity, natural gas, and water. The Web-based system can also monitor the output from solar energy systems and can track temperature, humidity, carbon emissions, and other data. For more information, visit

Publication date:12/08/2008