KINSTON, N.C. - Field Controls published a new report on issues related to safe oil-to-gas burner conversion. According to the company, the recent volatility of oil prices has increased the number of homeowners electing to switch to natural gas or propane, leading to what it calls a “burner conversion frenzy.” The first step in the process is to change the burner and the fuel supply; Field also recommends two additional steps to ensure a safer, faster installation.

According to the company, a gas-fired appliance would normally call for the installation of a draft hood in place of the existing barometric draft control. The new Field Report recommends replacing the existing draft control with a double-acting draft control and a blocked-vent thermal safety switch.

“This system is not only easier and faster to install, it is also safer and more efficient,” said the company. “The double acting draft control keeps the over-fire draft consistent, enhancing burner efficiency.”

The control is designed to respond to changes in barometric pressure, updrafts, and downdrafts. The blocked vent switch detects flue spillage and automatically shuts the burner down until the blockage can be resolved.

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Publication date:03/02/2009