SAN DIEGO - Greenbox Technology Inc. has announced two new technology partnerships that the company says expand the reach of its home energy management platform. By partnering with next-generation smart-device manufacturers, Greenbox said it is working to make energy efficiency painless for consumers.

Greenbox and Energate have successfully integrated Energate’s Z100, an advanced ZigBee-enabled smart thermostat, with Greenbox’s platform and will be working together to provide a consumer-friendly suite of energy management capabilities.

“Energate sees Greenbox as providing critical ingredients to consumer connected solutions, and together we can engage homeowners with tools to understand and control their energy costs,” said Michael Delage, vice president of product management at Energate. “We are looking forward to providing our customers integrated solutions.”

Greenbox will also partner with Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTCoA), producers of next-generation home-area network products such as thermostats, in-home displays, and load shed devices.

“The CT80 thermostat’s modular communications architecture allows us to integrate with the Greenbox platform through a variety of protocols including ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi,” said Dan Goodman, chief technical officer at RTCoA. “We’re thrilled to be part of the Greenbox energy-management ecosystem offering solutions directly to consumers or in partnerships with utilities.”

With these initial technology partnerships, Greenbox said it will add Web-based device management to the Greenbox platform, further expanding its ability to provide consumers with the information they need to improve the performance of their home heating and cooling systems, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Adding this smart-thermostat capability to the Greenbox platform brings us closer to our goal of helping people save money and reduce their energy consumption in a meaningful way,” said Jonathan Gay, Greenbox co-founder and chief technology officer. “Greenbox is excited to partner with utilities, helping their customers change their behavior and reduce their energy consumption. The first step in efficiency is the awareness that Greenbox provides to utility customers.”

According to the companies, Energate and RTCoA thermostats will plug into the Greenbox platform, which will in turn process data from the device and present a comprehensive, interactive view of home-energy use to the consumer, providing the information needed to make energy-saving decisions without giving up comfort.

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Publication date:02/16/2009