SALEM, Mass., and RALEIGH, N.C. - Groom Energy Solutions and Nexus Environmental Partners announced a partnership to assist colleges and universities reduce their overall environmental impact as part of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. Together, the companies will provide institutions with individual, strategic, multi-year climate commitment plans and roll out the programs and facility upgrades to deliver the reductions. The implementations will include energy efficiency and renewable energy measures; engagement and training of faculty, staff, and students; and ongoing tracking and goal measurement. Work has already begun at Trinity College, the partnership’s first joint project.

The joint sustainability programs include detailed campus and building energy assessments, energy efficiency facility upgrades, on-site renewable energy installations, water conservation measures, and other activities. As part of the process, Nexus and Groom will also work closely with administration, faculty, and student organizations to implement campus wide messaging, training, and process change. The companies will also deliver and manage the measurement tools for tracking performance over time.

“With more than 500 college university chancellors and presidents signing the President’s Climate Commitment, the higher education market offers unprecedented opportunities for both of our firms,” said Thomas Balf, principal and founder of Nexus. “We are confident that our joint efforts with Groom will help institutions to put the technology in place and build the solid programs to make positive strides toward reducing global warming.”

The first joint initiative for the companies is a project with Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. After a detailed campus wide assessment and review, Nexus and Groom have delivered an initial environmental and greenhouse gas inventory and a facility analysis of campus buildings to identify priority projects and develop a long-term plan to achieve carbon neutrality. Benchmarks have been developed, and a complete sustainability management and action plan is underway.

Phase I of the action plan will focus on making campus buildings more energy efficient - from boiler and ventilation systems, lighting and control systems to vending machines, the plan will assess and provide recommendations relating to all aspects of energy consumption.

“We have been very pleased with the Nexus/Groom relationship and the strategic and technical support they have provided us in identifying opportunities to improve our sustainability program and reduce our carbon emissions,” said Karen Misbach, sustainability manager, Trinity College.

“We are excited about the possibilities that our partnership with Nexus will bring,” said Jonathan Guerster, CEO of Groom Energy. “Our combined best practices complement each other well and enable us to deliver the best solutions for higher education institutions who are looking to make a measurable impact with their sustainability efforts.”

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Publication date:12/08/2008