EDMONTON, Alberta - The offices and manufacturing facility of Energy Saving Products were totally destroyed by fire Jan. 27. Investigators determined the multimillion-dollar inferno was deliberately set. CEO Leon Prevost said he hasn’t the first clue who’s responsible.

“I have no theories and am just dumbfounded as to why someone would do this,” he said. “We have security, we had our gates locked, and we thought we were doing everything right. Obviously, someone found a way to get in that we didn’t think about. Our manufacturing facilities and offices were totally destroyed by fire. The fire occurred after hours and no one was in the building, and no one was injured.”

The company announced on Feb. 4 that it had secured a building in Edmonton and will have telephones and faxes up and running by the second week of February. E-mail access has not been affected and customers can continue to contact all staff in that manner.

Energy Saving Products has already begun to receive material into the new facility, and with the arrival of parts in Edmonton on a daily basis, went into production of its Hi-Velocity line immediately. Shipments will begin the week of Feb. 9.

“We expect to have our full product line, including Lo-V, JH, and the Hi-Velocity Air Purification System available for shipping within four weeks,” said Prevost. He added that the turn of events had not affected the company’s ability to meet customers’ flex duct requirements.

For more information, visit www.hi-velocity.com.

Publication date:02/09/2009