Multistack showcased its new XFU 120-600 magnetic centrifugal chiller, which took up the majority of space inside the manufacturer’s booth at the 2009 expo.

CHICAGO -Daikin Industries( andMcQuay International( introduced a new brand -Daikin McQuay- along with a new product - the AWS air-cooled screw chiller - at the 2009 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Don Winter, vice president of marketing for McQuay, noted that the new Daikin McQuay brand represents the integration of Daikin technology and design into McQuay commercial products distributed in North America and worldwide. McQuay is a member of the Daikin group.

The new AWS line of air-cooled screw chillers range from 175 to 510 tons. The new brand features improved efficiency and reliability and quiet operation, said Winter. Standard models use R-134a refrigerant and meet ASHRAE 90.1 standards, he added.

“The AWS air-cooled screw chiller has been redesigned from the bottom up,” said Winter. “It utilizes a new efficient and reliable compressor, new quieter fans, and new MicroTech® III controls. Daikin engineers were involved in the design and Daikin fans are being used to make the AWS the quietest air cooled chiller in the marketplace.”

Final performance of the high-efficiency models is yet to be finalized, “but will be industry leading,” stated Winter. Orders for the new product can be placed in the second-quarter of this year, with shipment expected in the third quarter.

“Although we have introduced a new product and a new brand, our company name remains as McQuay International, a member of Daikin group,” said Winter. “Overall, the Daikin McQuay name will be used on products that incorporate Daikin technology or design expertise.”


Other manufacturers that introduced new chiller developments at the expo include:

Dunham-Bush( touted its new DCLC water-cooled centrifugal liquid chillers. They are designed with single-stage centrifugal compressors “that provide unmatched performance and stability,” said the company. Unit capacities range from 300 to 1,500 tons. The side-by-side evaporator/condenser configuration makes a split design optional “for ease of movement through any standard commercial doorway,” said the manufacturer.

Motivair( featured its new MLC chillers. The company said the range of these chillers was designed for central chiller applications, larger critical industrial processes, and customized HVAC systems. The company said the development of this expanded chiller range was focused on three design criteria: reliability, flexibility, and control. Most models are available with an internal pump and storage tank. All models can be equipped with a “unique integrated free-cooling system,” it added. The manufacturer also said it can modify and adapt its standard range of chillers to meet a customer’s unique needs.

On display inside its booth,Multistack( showcased its new XFU 120-600 magnetic centrifugal chiller. The product is equipped with the company’s MagLev™ technology. The company called it the “best real-world and part-load efficiency” chiller, with quiet operation.

Publication date:02/16/2009