The Beckett GeniSys™ display is an optional attachment for the 7505 GeniSys oil burner control. It allows a service technician to monitor the burner status, view history of operations, and program the control. The display mounts across the top of the control and plugs directly into one of the standard communication ports located on the side of the control. While the display is mounted on the control, the operator can select from three modes of operation: real-time display, historical display, and custom programming. In real-time display mode, information available includes cad cell resistance, line voltage, and burner timings such as run and standby timing. Should the burner enter into lockout, the display will indicate the reason for lockout and a customized service message. While in historical display mode, 15 cycles of history stored on the control can be accessed. This information can give the service technician key insights into the burner’s operation. In custom programming mode, the display unit can be used to customize the pre-time and post-time. This programming feature, along with the GeniSys lockout alarm, enables the control to be a universal replacement.

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