Jeff McCoy of Mechanical Inc. Freeport, Ill., is the newly elected chairman of MSCA. He spoke to a crowd of service contractors in San Antonio at the organization’s annual convention. The 2009 event will be held Oct. 18-21 in Bonita Springs, Fla.

SAN ANTONIO - During the last day of ceremonies at the Mechanical Service Contractors of America’s (MSCA) 23rd Annual Education Conference, in San Antonio, new officers were introduced and others were honored.

Chairman Russ Borst paid tribute to Wayne Turchetta of HMC Service, Louis- ville, Ky., servant leader on behalf of the MSCA organization. “Wayne, this is probably as hard for me as it is for you, and it is difficult to imagine an MSCA board without your enthusiasm, energy, and spirit. For those of you who don’t know, Wayne has served for 12 years on the board of managers, having served two six-year terms - a rare accomplishment for sure.

“Wayne, it gives me great pleasure to present you with this well-earned certificate of appreciation on behalf of the MSCA board of managers. You have given unselfishly of your time and expertise during your tenure on the board, and we truly appreciate your commitment and dedication to MSCA. We know you are a great supporter of the service industry at many levels and we appreciate that. Despite the fact that your term on the board has ended, we know you will still play a very active leadership role in MSCA, and we are counting on your continued involvement with the green issue as well.

“Thank you again for your guidance, your support and, most of all, your friendship. Oh, and Wayne, one more thing. Due to your reputation as a man of steel who is faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, we have included on your certificate an inscription that will forever label you as the Superman of MSCA,” said Borst, who then presented Turchetta with a Superman shirt. “We hope you will wear it with pride.”

Borst next introduced the newest members of the board of managers. The board is comprised of 10 members who can each serve two three-year terms. Board members are selected by an MSCA nominating committee who look for dedicated and committed MSCA leaders to serve. New members include Dick Starr, Enterprise Solutions, Twinsburg, Ohio and Brian Hughes, Hughes Environmental Engineering Inc., Montvale, N.J.

New Chairman Jeff McCoy, Mechanical Inc., Freeport, Ill., accepted the gavel of leadership from Borst with a good-natured send-off for the existing chairman. “We know, besides your family, there are two other things in this world which you cannot live without. To help satisfy this need, we are pleased to present you with a membership to the Beer-of-the-Month Club and the Dessert-of-the-Month Club. Each month, delicious treats will be delivered right to your doorstep for your enjoyment.

“Thank you again, Russ, for your leadership, vision, commitment, and support,” said McCoy.

In closing, McCoy said, “I am honored to serve as your chairman this year and will be working with a great slate of officers including Dave Bavisotto, Illingworth Corp., Milwaukee, who will serve as vice chairman; Thom Brazel, Hill York Service, Sarasota, Fla., who is our newly appointed treasurer; and past-chairman Russ Borst.

“I’m proud to be a part of this vibrant organization and have the opportunity to be involved with MSCA as we continue to expand and grow. I look forward to supporting all of our MSCA programs and services, working with members from all around the country, and continuing our strong partnership with the United Association. I will see all of you at the party tonight, unless the Cubs game is on of course, and I thank you for joining us here in Texas.”

Publication Date:11/24/2008