The York®, Coleman®, and Luxaire® brands of hybrid electronic air cleaner, the deluxe media air cleaner, whole-home humidifiers, and UVC germicidal single and dual lights, are available through Source 1®. According to the company, the deluxe media air cleaner provides a true MERV 10 rating through the entire life of the media element. It removes 97 percent of pollen-sized particles and removes 70 percent of all mold and spore-sized particles. The hybrid electronic air cleaner offers ultra-high efficiency equivalent to MERV 16. The hybrid electronic air cleaner is never less than 94 percent efficient at trapping particles as small as 0.35 micron in size, said the company. Three humidifiers - a small and a large bypass humidifier and a high-capacity, fan-powered humidifier - can be used in virtually any home with a forced-air system. They offer two humidity control options: a manual humidifier control and an automatic humidifier control. The UVC germicidal single and dual lights eliminate foul odors and enhance IAQ by reducing the amount of fungi, bacteria, and other pollutants that could grow on the evaporator coil. The kits available include the 115-V dual UVC germicidal kit, the single 115-V and the 208/230-V UVC germicidal kits, as well as the dual 208/230-V UVC germicidal kit.

Johnson Controls, Attn: Renae’ Turnbaugh, Source 1 Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;

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