The operation of the low-NOx MSC2™ burner is based on the Multi-Stage Combustion (MSC) burner. The staged Q-jet™ design introduces fuel into primary and secondary airstreams. The primary stream allows for the new STABLEflame™ technology, ensuring an ultrastrong root flame for extreme stability, the company said. The secondary zone stages the flame to mitigate thermal NOx production. The gas electric igniters have the capacity to fire a wide variety of fuels (natural gas, propane, coke oven gas, etc.) and can be rated National Fire Protection Association Class 1, 2, or 3, depending upon the application requirements. The firing rate is 20-400 MMBtuh. According to the manufacturer, every aspect of the burner has been reviewed and updated from air entry to gas and oil nozzles to swirler, to optimize combustion staging, balancing minimal flame temperature with precision flame shaping. For liquid fuels, the standard SPIROjet™ low-NOx atomizer is utilized; or, SPIROjet EX™ atomizer, which offers low-NOx performance and ultra-low atomizing media consumption, is offered as an option.

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