ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has announced a new fuel card program as a benefit for its members. The ACCA Exxon/Mobil Fleet Card will give contractors who enroll a rebate of up to a nickel per gallon.

“Gas prices have been coming down, but they’re still too high - and while a nickel doesn’t sound like much, those nickels sure can add up for contractors and their fleets each month,” said Kevin Holland, ACCA vice president for business operations & membership. “Enroll in this program, and the rebate comes right off your monthly statement.”

In addition to the rebate, the ACCA Exxon/Mobil program offers contractors a variety of other benefits including:

• Comprehensive fleet products reports and summary reports to help you track every aspect of fleet card use.

• A variety of controls you can set over how cards can be used, for what, and even set limits and authorization requirements or get e-mail alerts.

• The convenience of 11,000 Exxon and Mobil locations nationwide, and you can link your fleet card program to Speedpass devices for quicker fueling and payment.

• You can manage your account online, including payments and invoices, to avoid the clutter of paperwork.

While Exxon/Mobil usually charges a $50 application fee for the program, ACCA has negotiated a waiver of that fee, so there is no cost to enroll.

The program is available exclusively for ACCA members nationwide. Details and a program application may be found at Or, for more information, call Chuck Shettle at 410-494-1808.

Publication date:11/17/2008