The optimized boiler packages help facilities reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions up to 10 percent each and can deliver over 90 percent fuel-to-steam efficiency, said the company. The new packages include a 250-800 horsepower high-pressure steam firetube boiler that burns either natural gas or No. 2 oil, an integral burner, two-stage condensing economizer that helps maximize heat recovery, Level Master, and a Hawk ICS control system with parallel positioning. The deaerator is used to extend boiler and steam system life and increase boiler system efficiency by preventing corrosion of boiler surfaces, steam supply piping, condensate return lines, and reducing boiler blowdown losses. The combustion air fan with variable-speed drive allows the motor to operate only at its required speed rather than a constant 3,600 revolutions per minute, helping to eliminate energy consumption.

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