The Warning Watchdog is a complete packaged alarm system that monitors individual condensing units and immediately alarms if the condensing unit is tampered with or tilted or if the disconnect is pulled or wiring is cut. When activated, the Warning Watchdog sounds an extremely loud 118-dB siren and can also trigger an alarm, phone dialer, or any other security device. The system can be used on both split systems and packaged units. The Warning Watchdog is designed to prevent copper theft and destruction of condensing units. All wiring is landed to dedicated terminals on the alarm logic panel using low voltage 18-gauge thermostat wire. The system includes a plug-in 12-vdc power supply. The Warning Watchdog monitors voltage interruption to the condensing unit, and tampering, tilting, or cutting of alarm system wiring. The system can be disarmed with a flip of a switch located in the alarm logic panel for condensing unit service. LEDs on the logic panel confirm when all monitoring devices are properly wired and active as well as when the system is armed. The alarm system can monitor multiple condensing units.

Jackson Systems LLC