FARMINGDALE, N.Y. - Cemtrex Inc. announced that it is launching its Green-DCV (demand controlled ventilation) system designed to provide improved energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

According to the company, the Green-DCV system, developed from several months of in-house research, is a new carbon dioxide (CO2)-based energy saving technology that can be installed at any commercial building to save HVAC costs of up to 40 percent annually. Statistics show that 80 percent of buildings worldwide are over-ventilated and waste energy associated with HVAC systems, says Cemtrex. Green-DCV monitors fluctuating occupancy levels inside all types of commercial buildings and thus controls the HVAC system for optimum performance.

The Green-DCV is said to be unique compared to conventional CO2-based demand controlled ventilation systems available in the market. The Green-DCV provides a centralized monitoring and analyzer station, fast loop air routers to sample air from various points in the building, control of the exit dampers and variable air volume boxes, and a complete interface to the building management system with Web access.

Cemtrex says the Green-DCV is the outcome of its extensive experience in industrial emissions monitoring and air quality management. The system is flexible and can be tailored to suit small-, medium-, or large-scale buildings with multiple zones and offers various levels of energy savings potential.

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Publication date:09/01/2008