The i5 compact infrared camera is an easy-to-use troubleshooting tool for high-quality thermal imaging. The i5 allows users to check for overheating in electrical panels and transformers; to spot electrical faults before it is too late; and to identify faults in cooling and heating systems and problems with motors, fans, and bearings. High-resolution thermal images instantly pinpoint problems in need of repair, critical for condition monitoring of thermally sensitive targets. The camera delivers high accuracy of 2 percent and thermal sensitivity of 0.18°F (0.1°C). The camera’s QuickReport PC software makes it easy to download standard jpg thermal images with radiometric data, and to generate reports, analyses, and document findings. The unit features a focus-free lens for convenient viewing, along with a 2.8-inch (71-mm) high-resolution color LCD. It comes complete with a 512 MB miniSD card with adapter, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 100-240-vac adapter/charger, QuickReport PC software with USB cable, and built-in lens shutter and hand strap.

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