AccuLink is a system that digitally enables the Allegiance and Heritage 18 outdoor units and Freedom 95 furnaces to be automatically and properly connected for premium comfort. The system is designed to run its own self-diagnostics to ensure the proper airflow for heating and cooling modes, as well as the correct heat source configuration, blower timings, and humidity control. It has only two wires that run from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, resulting in time and labor savings for the dealer, as well as fewer callbacks. An optional telephone access module allows homeowners to control their system by phone. With the optional telephone access module, the system will call homeowners or their dealers, and let them know about potential problems, said the company. The system provides the same alerts to the easy-to-read 900 Series communicating comfort control. AccuLink features Charge Assist, which automatically delivers the precise amount of refrigerant needed for every installation and then shuts itself off. According to the manufacturer, Charge Assist makes technicians more efficient on the job, ensures system reliability, and simplifies a fairly complex installation.

American Standard, Tyler, TX;

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