COLUMBUS, Ohio - Emerson Network Power’s Fred Stack recently earned the position of chairman of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Technical Committee 9.9 Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, & Electronic Equipment / Systems. Stack is vice president of marketing, Liebert Precision Cooling, Emerson Network Power.

The mission of the ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9 is to be “recognized amongst all areas of the datacom industry as the unbiased engineering leader in HVAC and an effective provider of technical datacom information.” During the past six years, committee members have been advising the industry on improved equipment standards, and have developed an assortment of literature that is designed to educate and advance best design and operational guidelines for data centers. Some of these efforts have included revisions to ASHRAE handbooks, seven published books on data center design practices, and more than 34 technical transaction papers presented at more than 12 ASHRAE Symposium sessions.

Currently, TC 9.9 is developing several new books and technical papers on energy efficiency, free cooling, contamination, liquid cooling, data center metrics, and more, according to Stack, who will be chairman through June 2010.

“I’m honored to be helping lead the strategic direction and initiatives of this important ASHRAE committee,” said Stack. “As we all know, mission-critical facilities, such as data centers, telecom central offices, network closets, and computer rooms, are being confronted by an increasing amount of challenges, including rising energy costs and the rapid introduction of new technologies. Our committee is embracing its role to provide vendor-neutral education, resources, standards, and best practices needed to overcome these challenges.”

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Publication date:10/13/2008