Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems’ Evolution® system control has an optional Remote Access function and features easy plug-and-play installation.

Whether new or already on the market, thermostats, controls, and building automation system (BAS) products are integral pieces of the HVAC puzzle. Residential and commercial product applications are diverse in nature and they control anything from temperature and IAQ to energy usage and lighting.

The following products are currently on the market to assist commercial and residential contractors in achieving effective HVAC balance and control.


Bryant ( -The Evolution® system control is designed to be dealer friendly during installation, diagnostics, and servicing. It has an optional Remote Access function and features easy plug-and-play installation. The four-wire, color-coded thermostat walks technicians through the entire process using intuitive screen prompts. The control displays routine maintenance reminders for the homeowner, along with their dealer’s name and phone number. An optional Remote Access feature also notifies the dealer via e-mail, phone, or pager messages with the homeowner’s maintenance reminders and urgent alerts.

Carrier Corp. ( -The new Edge™ thermostat combines technology and systems integration with the latest in style and fashion. Launched at the 2007 International Builders Show, the Edge was the first line of thermostats in the industry designed to function not only as a comfort control device, but also as a design accessory, said the company. Borrowing the sleek design from high-end picture frames, interchangeable faceplates are available in silver metallic, espresso leather, gold luster, saddle-brush, onyx, quartz, and natural wood grain finishes. The outside cover protects the internal design, featuring chrome detail on the backlit buttons and chrome beading surrounding the display. The line also includes optional, programmable solutions when the Edge Expansion Port (ExP™) technology is installed.

The Portable Comfort Control is Honeywell’s newly released wireless control that can provide immediate heating or cooling.

Home Comfort Zones ( The MyTemp™ temperature control and energy management system provides independent temperature control for every room, including bathrooms. A small, wireless temperature sensor, called a smart controller, is placed in each room of the home. It continuously monitors and transmits the room’s temperature to the master unit. After comparing the temperature in each room against the desired settings, the unit adjusts for the differences. According to the company, the system reduces over conditioning, reduces conditioning in unused rooms, and allows homeowners to use up to 40 percent less energy.

Honeywell ( The Portable Comfort Control (PCC) is a newly released, wireless control that can provide simple and effective immediate heating or cooling. Homeowners of zoned homes can also use it to change temperatures in other areas of their homes without walking to the thermostat. By sensing temperature wherever it goes, the PCC gives homeowners the freedom to make temperature adjustments from anywhere to achieve on-demand comfort. When paired with Honeywell’s wireless FocusPRO® and wireless outdoor air sensors that measure temperature and humidity, homeowners can make informed decisions about changing their heating and cooling settings.

Lennox’s ComfortSense 7000 Series touchscreen thermostat features user-friendly, file folder-type tabs for easy navigation.

Johnson Controls Inc. ( The Metasys® building management system now supports end-to-end wireless building infrastructure using the ZigBee™ field bus router system. A new software interface, fully integrated into the html shell, has an enhanced user interface. It integrates building systems and equipment to provide centralized monitoring and control with a high degree of automation. The software organizes and interprets events, audits, and other critical data. It allows monitoring and control from any Web-enabled device. The software offers expanded summary and detailed trend reports, allows users access to an unlimited number of events and audits, and the command menu displays commonly used commands.

Metasys® building management system by Johnson Controls Inc. now supports end-to-end wireless building infrastructure using the ZigBee™ Field Bus Router System.

Lennox ( The ComfortSense 7000 Series touchscreen thermostat, with its easy-to-use interfaces and new features, allows customers to enjoy effortless temperature and humidity control, said the company. Even homeowners who found programmable thermostats too confusing and difficult to use should be able to easily customize their comfort settings and control their energy usage. “We put this thermostat into language people use everyday,” said Tim Wallert, director of Controls Product Management, Lennox. The line features a large, easy-to-read display; user-friendly, file folder-type tabs for navigation; the ability to pause the schedule for a few hours or a few days; and a two-line character display that shows date, time, mode, and outdoor temperature.

The Trane XL 900 Comfort Control maintains temperature within ±1°, limiting temperature swings and improving energy savings.

Lynxspring Inc. ( The JENEsys™ SNAP! (Simple Network Automation Platform) is an application that automates the setup and operation of a Web-based temperature control application for light commercial properties including institutional, national account, or high-end residential buildings.

“With JENEsys SNAP!, owners of light commercial buildings have the benefits of building automation and energy management systems without the associated development and commissioning costs,” said Bob Mealey, vice president of Marketing and Sales, Lynxspring. The unit connects to a network of 1-120 thermostats. It automatically generates the customized user interface based on the type and number of thermostats on the network. It creates graphics and populates trends, alarms, and schedules with default values. Roles-based security, reports, history logs, audit trails, and a demand-limiting module are standard.

Carrier’s new Edge™ thermostat is designed after high-end picture frames. This espresso leather interchangeable faceplate is also available in six other finishes.

Site Controls ( Site-Command™ building automation solution and intelligent load management technology that allows owners to reduce energy costs by automatically controlling a building’s thermostats and lighting. “We help facilities participate in demand response while protecting the internal environment,” said Dan Sharplin, CEO of Site Controls. It also allows for central monitoring of multiple facilities. Site-Command provides real-time, online access to its data from a PC or hand-held device, and is able to lower energy and maintenance expenses without sacrificing comfort.

Trane ( The XL 900 comfort control is designed with easy-to-read backlit screens and intuitive prompts that help customers make the most of their home comfort systems. Compatible with the ComfortLink™ II communicating system, the XL 900 offers simplified wiring, auto-discovery, and self-configuration. It can display up to 26 error codes and enables remote system monitoring. It also maintains temperature within ±1°F, limiting temperature swings and improving energy savings.

Publication date:09/22/2008