Hoshizaki America Inc.’s self-contained DT-400BAH-OS is a sanitary cubelet ice machine and water dispenser. The unit’s evaporator design is constructed with an all stainless steel auger and harden bearing surface for dependability. It contains a LED remote sensor for hands free operation. Measuring 21w x 22.5d x 72.5h, and standing on 6-inch legs, the one piece design was constructed to save space and allow front in and rear out air flow. This provides for the unit to be located in narrow spaces in applications such as healthcare facilities, and non-commercial segments such as corporate and education environments as well as the food service industry.

Maintenance and service are also made easier with a removable lower front panel tha provides access to service the refrigeration circuit. The DT-400 produces up to 409lbs. of ice within 24 hours, with 40lbs. of built-in storage. To prohibit bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms, the unit contains HoshiGuard Antimicrobial Agent in the ice-making zone and Cleancycle12 design performs a 15-minute purge every 12 hours to rid impurities and produce pure clean chewable ice.

Hoshizaki America Inc.