Available in 80-plus and 92-plus AFUE, these new single-stage furnaces can be installed freestanding in a basement or enclosed in a closet. At just under 35 inches tall, the low-profile design can accommodate larger, high-SEER coils or can help the unit fit into a smaller space. The 92-plus AFUE equipment can be vented vertically or horizontally, using either a one- or two-pipe system, adding to the unit’s overall flexibility. The furnaces’ diagnostic lights allow easy troubleshooting without having to count flashes. One light indicates flame signal strength, while two others work in combination to indicate all other fault codes. Other new features include high-static blowers on all models, a color-coded wire harness with quick-connect terminals, a sealed vestibule for quieter burner and inducer operation, and a two-piece door design with captured screws. Contractors also have the option to add a high-efficiency blower kit for a SEER improvement up to one point on select models. The 30-second blower delay ensures a warm duct temperature when the blower starts up.

NuTone, St. Louis, MO; www.nutonehvac.com

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