Right-N® is the computerized version of the just released Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual N, 5th Edition, light commercial load calculation method. Right-N can be used to rapidly determine the latest Manual N load calculation, generate standardized reports, zone the project, and size and select equipment based on the calculation from the full ARI/GAMA database. It includes the Manual N, 5th Edition, requirements for energy, comfort, and ventilation. With Right-N in the Right-Suite® Universal program, contractors can easily draw the floor plan of the project, select the Right-N method, and have the Manual N worksheet automatically populate to determine the load and breakdown and generate standardized reports. Current Right-J® users in particular will be able to follow the same process and compare their current loads to Manual N with a single menu selection, enabling them to produce accurate results for their projects and make changes based on the compliance requirements. In conjunction with other modules available in the company’s program, the contractor can then even design duct, radiant, or geothermal systems; generate a parts takeoff list; compare system operating costs and options; and generate a professional, complete proposal.

Wrightsoft Corp.