The Tracer™ AdaptiView™ is a chiller control panel that offers added visibility into the performance of the chiller. Leveraging the Tracer Summit package allows operators and building owners to maximize energy savings with comprehensive system components optimization through unmatched control algorithms, the company says. The building operating staff can report and gain insights into the operating patterns, energy use, and system performance. This gives them the power to make educated decisions about how to run the systems, and make the CenTraVac chiller plant even more energy- and cost-conscious. The control panel offers open protocol flexibility including BACnet™, Modbus RTU, or LonTalk™ with no gateways. An ergonomic arm allows the operator to view from virtually any height or angle, regardless of close quarters where the chiller plant may be located, making it safer and easier to use. Twenty-four languages can be selected instantly right on the panel. The control panel is standard on all new CenTraVac Simplex chillers; it can also be used for retrofitting existing chiller systems.

Trane, Piscataway, NJ;