The CDS-4 and CDS-7 electronically operated step motor evaporator pressure regulating valves are designed for precise and energy-efficient control of evaporator temperatures. The valves are balanced-ported, requiring input less than one-quarter of the power used by older heat motor and analog designs, said the company. The 12-vdc step motors coupled to the integral gear reduction system give the valves accuracy and repeatability over the entire operating range. The valves are powered by an external controller and no pilot lines or high to low side bleeds are required. When properly applied, the CDS valves and controllers can replace standard mechanical evaporator pressure regulator valves, suction stop solenoid valves, and conventional thermostats. A direct-acting motor allows sizing for minimal pressure drop. The CDS-7 uses the same forging and fittings to provide a drop-in or alternative to the CDS-9. The design of the CDS-4 provides tighter control on low-load circuits such as single evaporators, dual-temp end caps, or seafood cases.

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