The SeeSnake® micro™ inspection camera is a hand-held, fully flexible and adjustable tool that allows professionals to see into areas they ordinarily couldn’t reach. It is a professional-grade adjustable miniature camera that allows users to easily see into places they ordinarily couldn’t reach. The tool’s flexible design can go into, under, and around tight spaces, so users can locate the problem, diagnose it, and solve it. The applications are endless and allow users to see into any confined space where they either can’t or won’t stick their head. The camera head and reinforced vinyl cable are waterproof, so the SeeSnake micro inspection camera can be submerged if need be. The high-resolution camera head sits at the tip of a flexible 3-foot cable that is reinforced with a waterproof vinyl jacket. Users manually control the cable and camera, which relays images back to a 2.4-inch color LCD screen attached on a comfortable pistol-grip handle. The camera is equipped with fully adjustable LEDs to provide the right amount of light for every job. Each tool comes with three separate attachments that twist and lock into place on the camera head.