GEN II is a commercial zone control system designed to control two to 17 zones per unit with simplified control wiring and no additional expansion panels. It is utilized in commercial applications to enhance room-by-room temperature control with fully modulating zone dampers. GEN II coverts any G/E or H/P unit into a VAV system. It is designed to minimize control wiring for the installing contractor, simplify installation, reduce terminations, and provide a mechanism for the contractor to identify wiring errors within minutes. The unit provides simplified wiring, and 24V along with an unshielded data link are daisy chained from thermostat to thermostat with no home runs. One 40-VA transformer is all that is required to power all zone dampers (up to 17) in the system. Onboard startup diagnostics lead the installer to any zone or damper not wired properly in the system.

Zonex Systems