The BurnerMate Universal offers complete boiler control in an off-the-shelf, preprogrammed controller. Separate processors are used for flame safeguard and combustion control for National Fire Protection Association 85 compliance. Configuration is done in the field using the LCD touch pad, the optional touch screen, or our MS Windows-based wizard. The unit is designed for firetube, firebox, and watertube boiler applications. It uses industry-standard digital and analog inputs, so it wires easy and intuitively like a programmable logic controller. Each time the unit trips, the controller provides a date and time stamped error message that pinpoints the cause of the problem. In addition, the controller takes a snapshot of over 140 bits of process information to aid to help determine the root cause of a burner trip. Error messages are in plain English for easy identification of problems. Features include flame safeguard, parallel positioning combustion control with oxygen trim, draft control, and feedwater control.

Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp.