The FAST-STAT Model 7000 is a control wiring extender designed for air conditioner to heat pump conversions. No rewiring is required from the thermostat to the funace (or fan coil) and from the furnace to the heat pump. It is a three-part kit, the sender is located at the thermostat and there is one receiver located at the furnace and one receiver located in the heat pump. The kit provides for single- or two-stage compressor control as well as two-speed fan control. It is a hard-wired system that operates over the existing cables and is not affected by other electronic devices. At the thermostat, it provides R, C, W, Y1, Y2, G1, G2, and O/B over the existing four-wire cable. At the heat pump, it provides R, C, Y1, Y2, O/B and W (defrost heat) over the existing two-wire cable.

Nordic Electronics Ltd.