The Evergreen™ AH motor is like a motor with a brain: ECM (electronically commutated motor) technology combines a high-efficiency permanent magnet motor with a customized computer controller. It is designed as a high-efficiency, low-noise, IAQ enabler replacement of a standard induction blower motor used in residential HVAC air-handler, indoor fan coil evaporator, and heat pump-type systems. The motor is designed for quick and easy system connection to line voltage for power and 24-V thermostat connection for selection of speeds. Some speeds have been specifically color coded to for the most likely corresponding thermostat connection. According to the manufacturer, the motor frame and shaft size are conducive to almost all applications this motor is designed to replace. The motor is designed to be maintenance-free with durable ball bearings that require no annual oiling.

Regal Beloit
ECM Marketing