Emerson Climate Technologies’ Emerson® C-Series Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) is a balanced-port valve designed for high-efficiency R-410A air conditioning and heat-pump applications, effective over widely varying operating conditions. According to the company, when combined with the Copeland Scroll® compressor, the C-Series TXV becomes a critical element designed specifically for R-410A applications.

Every C-Series TXV also features a stainless steel power element to eliminate corrosion and prevent valve failure; laser-etched identification markings for permanent legibility; hermetic, leak-free construction of all joints; compact size to allow installation in limited spaces; biflow capability to allow one valve to control the superheat in both cooling and heating modes for heat-pump applications; balanced-port construction to compensate for changes in operating pressures, due to varying ambients, gas defrost, heat reclaim or widely varying evaporator loads; and an external equalizer for air conditioning and heat-pump applications.

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