The 4000 series MERV 13 High Efficiency Air Cleaner with Air Cleaner Control Product Application is installed on the return side of the air handler to reduce dust, allergens, and irritants. A customer interface provides optional modes of operation, proof of product performance, and maintenance information. The living space mounted control can be placed next to the thermostat, in the equipment room, or directly on the air cleaner. It is not necessary to pull wiring from the air handler.

The patented MERV13 collapsible media, with Selfseal technology, slides in on rails and is easy to transport, ship, and store. Air Cleaner Control tracks usage activity and also indicates when maintenance is required supporting dealer contracts and media revenue. With a width of 6.75 inches, it reduces footprint and eases installations of the unit. A common transition for Aprilaire products is available.
According to the company, this control yields active interaction with the air cleaning device.

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