The iCold is a turnkey cold room controller product providing electric expansion valve superheat control; compressor, liquid line solenoid, fan, and defrost control. Also provided is a real time clock for defrost scheduling, replaceable power relays for fan, compressor, and defrost, and the ability to control three-phase fans and defrost heaters. An alarm relay is standard and two RS485 outputs are provided for communication. Free software allows remote setting, monitoring, and graphing. An onboard display normally shows room temperature but other parameters and setpoints can be accessed by the rolling menu and setting buttons. The package consists of 3 temperature sensors, one pressure sensor, control board, relay board, and fused dual voltage transformer. All components are enclosed in an attractive NEMA 12 enclosure. Only an EEV must be purchased separately.

The iCold was designed for use in cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses or any other application that needs the efficiency of electric expansion valve control.

Parker Hannifin
Sporlan Valve