Copeland Scroll® tandem compressors, optimized for R-410A, offer part-load efficiency, increased load-matching capabilities, and greater modulation than previously possible, according to the manufacturer. The compressors enable two-stage capacity, by running compressors individually or simultaneously. This line of compressors for R-410A applications is available in 33 different even and uneven capacity configurations ranging from 8-64 horsepower. Applications include markets with a need for large air conditioning systems such as malls, manufacturing facilities, and office buildings. Specifically designed for R-410A, these compressors allow contractors to adhere to stringent environmental guidelines, while utilizing energy-efficient scroll technology in the larger systems required by these applications.

The units undergo an extensive series of tests, including vibration and life-cycle tests. They also incorporate built-in redundancy. If only one compressor fails, the other will remain running, enabling the system to continue working until service arrives.

Copeland Scroll
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