SAN FRANCISCO - The city of San Francisco has passed legislation to implement a 10-year solar incentive program that will be the largest municipal solar program in the United States. People and organizations that install solar photovoltaic power systems on their properties will earn taxable solar incentives of $3,000-$6,000 for residences, up to $10,000 for businesses and nonprofit organizations, and up to $30,000 for nonprofit affordable housing. Residents and businesses can earn the highest incentives by employing a solar installer that hires graduates of the city’s workforce development program. One sponsor of the legislation claims that the new incentives will significantly expand the use of solar energy in San Francisco, which currently has less than 1,000 solar rooftops.

According to the city’s assessor’s office, the Solar Energy Incentive Program is expected to launch in the near future with a budget of $3 million, enough to provide incentives for 1.5 megawatts of solar power on residential and business properties. In addition, a one-year pilot program with a budget of $1.5 million will provide incentives to nonprofit organizations and residences for low-income families. The incentives will be paid on a first-come, first-served basis and are assignable to the building owner, the installer, or a third party. They apply only to new installations at existing buildings.

Publication date:06/30/2008