Then IIAR Chair Jeff Welch presents Member of the Year honors to Zhao Lianjie for his key role in the rapidly developing positive relationship between IIAR and the Chinese Association of Refrigeration.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, attendees at the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) 2008 Conference & Exhibition were told that their industry is one better able to survive a rocky economy.

“While the U.S. economy is nursing the hangover of subprime mortgages, everyone in this country and around the world continues to eat refrigerated and frozen foods,” said Jeff Welch, who at the time of the mid-March conference was IIAR chairman. “Our industry is positioned perfectly to respond to the growing demand for economical, environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration systems to build cold chains around the world.

“This industrial refrigeration technology is the cutting edge. There is a growing realization of something, we as an industry, have known for a very long time: Our kind of industrial refrigeration - using ammonia and other natural refrigerants - is the refrigeration for a sustainable planet. The health of our industry is very good with a promising future built on natural refrigerants.”

Welch, who is president of Freeze-Pro Inc., a manufacturer’s rep, was opening speaker at the annual conference that marked the completion of his year in the highest elected office of IIAR.


In his address, Welch noted some of the IIAR projects such as the conversion of IIAR training from videos to DVD, the publication of the second edition of theAmmonia Data Book,the monitoring of developments related to ISO 5149 concerning safety requirements for mechanical refrigeration systems, and projects involved in the “reduction and eventual elimination of accidental ammonia releases and the development of mechanical integrity safety campaign material.”

He noted that the Standards Review Committee is involved in developing several new industry standards to go along with IIAR 2 and IIAR 3.

Welch also announced that the refrigeration industry in China has adopted IIAR standards for ammonia refrigeration equipment. In addition, Welch pledged that IIAR “will continue to follow the news on chemical security regulations and legislative activities.”

Welch noted the IIAR’s marketing committee “has taken an old school and new school approach to enhancing the lines of communication between headquarters and the members.” He said the organizations internal publication,The Condenser,is now a quarterly publication that is part newsletter while e-mails to members allow for “time sensitive information communicated to members electronically.”

M. Kent Anderson is applauded by attendees at the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Annual Conference in recognition of his 18 years of administrative leadership for the organization.


David Grong, a contractor with Carlson and Stewart Refrigeration and past chair of IIAR, told attendees about the Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation (AHF), which was formed in 2006 and which he now chairs.

“The mission of the ARF is to raise financial resources and to use these resources in the support of educational programs and research that benefit the industrial refrigeration industry.”

He noted two research projects have already been approved. One involves the investigation of the low-temperature region on impact text exemption curves. The other examines stress corrosion cracking in ammonia vessels.

“The financial support from our industry will be necessary to fund more of this kind of work in the future,” he said.

With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, attendees at the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Annual Conference in Colorado Springs head for a meeting.


Brian Marriott, senior engineer, Refrigeration Systems in the Building Efficiency division of Johnson Controls, assumed elected leadership of IIAR by moving up to the chairman position.

Cited as one of IIAR Members of the Year was Zhao Lianjie for his “key role in the rapidly developing positive relationship between IIAR and the Chinese Association of Refrigeration,” according to IIAR.

Also cited with the honor was Robert Shriver for his work on the Standards Review Committee. Life membership was accorded to Godan Nambudiripad for his work on the Safety Committee and authorship of technical papers.

And special recognition was given M. Kent Anderson, who has retired after 18 years with IIAR. He was first hired by IIAR in 1990 as its executive director and then named its president in 1996.

The next annual conference will be March 22-25, 2009 in Dallas.

Publication Date:05/26/2008