SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The “Summer 2008 Electricity Supply and Demand Outlook” from the California Energy Commission assesses the capability of the electricity system to meet peak electricity demand in California. According to the report, California is expected to have adequate electricity supplies to meet demand this summer even with hotter-than-average temperatures.

California experienced the driest March-April combined since record-keeping began in 1921. Though the snow pack and forecast runoff are currently well below average, hydroelectric capacity will still be available to meet peak power needs, the report states.

Adequate supplies are ensured by having a 15-17 percent buffer of additional supplies above typical peak demand that are available to call upon as needed, says the report. Electricity reserve margins for 2008 are approximately 22 percent for California under average summer weather conditions, slightly higher than in 2007. Even under hotter-than-average conditions, the reserve margins are approximately 14 percent.

Publication date:06/02/2008