PHOENIX - The American Indoor Air Quality Council (IAQ Council) held its annual executive meeting in Phoenix, where volunteers representing all six IAQ Council certification boards, the corporate board of directors, the national advisory board, as well as the entire paid staff of the IAQ Council were present.

The meeting boasted the best attendance in the 15-year history of the IAQ Council with 62 participants coming from 23 states and from Hong Kong. “The board members present this year represented 832 years of IAQ experience - an average of 13 years experience per attendee,” said Charlie Wiles, IAQ Council executive director. “It is no wonder that our programs set the standard for professionalism and integrity in the IAQ industry. We have been around since the beginning.”

Board members gathered that Friday to discuss prospects for the future development of IAQ Council programs and to address issues currently confronting the IAQ Council as a whole. Certification boards reconvened that Saturday morning to evaluate the IAQ Council’s nine certification examinations and suggest changes to examination items, while the corporate board of directors held its annual meeting.

Wiles later announced that the meeting was a success. “We are extremely focused going into 2008,” he said. “Our boards have encouraged us to continue enhancing the integrity, credibility, and independence of IAQ Council certifications, and we have strategies in place to do just that.”

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Publication date:04/21/2008