MONTGOMERY, Ala. - In light of economic struggles and gloomy predictions, many contractors are taking a beating as they struggle to maintain their businesses. And according to Adams Hudson, president of marketing firm, Hudson Ink, firms concentrating on new construction are shutting down at a quicker rate sending “hungry talent toward the residential market that is full of tight-fisted homeowners waiting for market news to improve before they spend.”

Hudson reminds contractors, however, that experienced and successful contractors understand two major concepts concerning recessions. First, turning tail and running is a bad strategy. Second, contractors can make more money in a slow economy because of those contractors who still choose to flee.

“With customers’ attention and dollars spread over fewer visible contractors, boldness in your market presence pays off,” said Hudson. “It comes down to smart, shrewd marketing. This is no time for fluffy theory; it’s time for take-charge marketing.”

To help contractors determine what market strategies work best for the current economic climate and varying markets, Hudson Ink is offering a free, one-hour teleseminar, How You Can Absolutely Thrive in This Economic Slowdown, on March 26 at 1 p.m. CST.

Hudson will be sharing insider marketing techniques and will be providing a “follow as you go” workbook. A resource directory and some bonuses reserved strictly for participants will also be provided. Specific topics include:

• What media works best now and which ones are losers?

• What marketing method is the ‘dark horse’ to greater profitability?

• How do you turn one sale into many without spending another dime?

• What is Cluster Control and why are companies now stampeding toward it?

• What is the hottest Internet technique going for contractors?

Registration is required and lines are limited. For more information, visit

Publication date:03/24/2008