The AireShare™ room-to-room ventilator moves air to rooms that are too hot or too cold. According to the company, the quiet, low-profile ventilator moves air efficiently through the wall cavity from room to room. The design allows the intake or diffuser to be mounted high or low for greater comfort and destratification. It is ideal for ductless heater, split system, and window a/c applications, states the manufacturer. Hardwire (AS1) and plug-in (AS1P) versions are available. The plug-in version of the blower must be installed adjacent to an electrical outlet. It features an on-off switch on the bottom of the grille and accommodates electrical outlets on the left or right side. The hardwire blower requires a hardwired 120-vac electrical connection from within the wall cavity. To turn it on or off, a 120-vac wall switch or thermostat can be added. The diffuser is installed in the same wall cavity in the adjacent room.

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