A line of climate control compressors, tailored for the HVAC industry, provides a wide variety of options for pressurized heating and cooling system lines. Twenty-two models in single- and two-stage simplex configurations, as well as single- and two-stage duplex designs are available. Simplex single-stage models come with a 30-gallon tank. Simplex two-stage units are available with 60-, 80-, and 120-gallon tanks. Single-stage units providing 5 hp and higher come standard with a magnetic starter. The duplex series comes in 30- and 60-gallon tanks for single-stage units and 60-, 80-, 120-, and 240-gallon tanks for two-stage units. An alternator and magnetic starter come standard on all duplex units. Each compressor in the line is belt-driven with a large flywheel for extra cooling and easier startup. Other standard features include manual tank drains, a large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements, a tank gauge, pressure-relief safety valve, and thermal overload motor protection. The compressors are powered by either a one- or three-phase industrial/commercial-grade UL listed electric motor. Options include a low-oil level switch, oil sight glass, automatic tank drain, and control circuit transformer.

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