NEW YORK - Johnson Controls is introducing the York® Affinity™ 95 percent AFUE modulating gas furnace in a 33-inch height. The smaller cabinet makes the Affinity furnace a compact solution for installations where space is limited – closets, attics, garages, basements with low ceilings, and other tight spaces.

The new cabinet is designed with no sharp edges. All sheet metal is folded and flattened to significantly reduce the potential for injury during installation and servicing. This also increases the rigidity of the cabinet and reduces sound vibrations. In addition, Affinity models include 1/4-turn latches that make door removal easy, and gasketed doors reduce the airflow leakage rate to less than 1 percent.

The multi-position design provides flexibility for all installations and applications, including upflow, downflow, horizontal left, and horizontal right. The unit also features York’s condensate management system, eliminating the need for external traps.