The Series LTU75 U-tube low-intensity infrared heaters are well-suited for heating indoor swimming pools to help create an efficient and comfortable swim environment in athletic and recreation facilities, spas, hotels, and homes, says the company. The heaters have a unitized, preassembled design. This allows lower installation costs, simpler rearrangement within the pool area, and less maintenance. The infrared tube heaters can also be thermostatically controlled, individually or in groups, for greater operating control in pool heating requirements. Available in both natural and propane gas, the LTU75 U-tube low intensity tube heaters are 17 feet long and have a 75,000-Btuh heating capacity. The heaters are usually suspended from the ceiling at least 13 feet above the swimming pool area for optimized spot heating. It is design-certified for either horizontal or vertical venting. Features include a monitoring light system for online diagnosis and maintenance; a state-of-the-art step-opening redundant combustion gas valve for quieter ignition and added safety; a closed combustion chamber design; and direct spark ignition with a 100 percent shutoff safety-control valve.

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