HOUSTON - Marmion Industries Corp., a manufacturer of explosion-proof HVAC equipment, has announced the purchase of 2.75 acres of land in Houston along with plans to construct a new multi-use facility.

According to the company, the new plant will allow Marmion to increase production levels in order to meet growing demand for its equipment. Marmion’s new facility, which is located approximately one mile from its current headquarters, will also house the company’s international sales office and act as its main base of operations.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO W.H. Marmion stated, “I am ecstatic that we will finally be able to bring into manifestation a dream we have held for many years. The new facility will enable us to bring into our company many of the processes we were outsourcing for years, thus enabling us to increase quality and our competitive share in the market. We desire to develop more business products and services, as well as expand our core explosion-proof industrial product line.”

Construction of the plant is scheduled to commence by the end of November 2007 and be completed by March 2008.

Further information on Marmion Industries is available at www.marmionind.com.

Publication date:10/29/2007