Todd Bluedorn

Newsmaker Todd Bluedorn became chief executive officer of Lennox International Inc. on April 2, 2007. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University. Bluedorn began his career in HVAC with United Technologies in 1995. In 2007, he became only the sixth Lennox International (LII) CEO in the company’s 112-year history.

“The biggest single reason for my decision [to make the move] was the Lennox culture,” he said. “Every successful organization I have ever been associated with has a culture that is focused down [on employees] and out [on customers]. This philosophy captures the Lennox culture. Our priority is our people and the customers we serve.”

During his first year on the job, he said he has noted that “all LII businesses share a customer-centric culture and an organization dedicated to product innovation and quality. In every discussion I’ve had since I’ve been with the company, the needs of the customer - whether distributors, contractors, dealers, or national accounts - are approached with a passion and zeal which I think is really unique in the industry.

“Related to being customer-centric, product innovation is a major example of how we creatively and effectively approach our residential and commercial customers’ needs. I was familiar with LII’s tradition of meaningful product innovation before joining the company, but to witness it first-hand has been extremely impressive.”

In terms of product innovations, he said, “In response to growing consumer awareness and concern about the environment, we recently announced the introduction of the industry’s first comprehensive line of residential indoor air quality products that do not produce ground-level ozone. Homeowners also want quieter, more efficient products, which drove our development of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection of top-tier HVAC and IAQ products.

“Indoor air quality is an issue of increasing importance for many consumers, and in response we have developed a full line of highly rated air purification, air cleaning, filtration, humidity control and ventilation systems to address a wide variety of their needs.”

He went on to say, “Certainly energy costs are a concern of our commercial refrigeration customers as well, and listening carefully to them led to the development of our new Bohn® Monarch™ Series air-cooled condensers, capable of providing over a 75 percent reduction in condenser energy usage. And our commercial HVAC rooftops are among the most efficient in the industry.”

In regard to industry changes, Bluedorn noted the company has been “actively preparing our customers to effectively deal with the R-22 refrigerant phaseout in 2010, through the continued development and introduction of products utilizing R-410A. Our dealers and distributors were also ready for the 13 SEER transition with a comprehensive and competitive range of new products, and we continue to closely monitor legislative and market trends in energy efficiency. I think it’s safe to say expectations for energy efficiency among consumers and businesses will only increase in the years ahead, and we’ll need to be prepared to address those expectations as an industry.

“Increasing public awareness of the importance of good indoor air quality is making IAQ a significant market opportunity, and thanks to our intensive focus on IAQ product development, we feature a complete line of whole-house IAQ solutions.”

Looking at the next three to five years, the CEO said, “We will continue to invest in the things that have made our name an industry leader for over a century: Innovative products and solutions, the most effective quality manufacturing and sourcing, and the sharpest possible focus on providing exceptional products and service to our valued distributors and dealers.

“This is a company with a tremendously impressive history, dedicated to helping all of our customers succeed in their many different markets. I’m excited and proud to be a part of it.”

- Peter Powell

The Facts:

Name:Todd Bluedorn

Title:Chief Executive Officer

Company:Lennox International Inc.


Notable Quote:“This is a company with a tremendously impressive history, dedicated to helping all of our customers succeed in their many different markets. I’m excited and proud to be a part of it.”

Publication date:12/24/2007