MILWAUKEE - Lucas-Milhaupt Inc., a subsidiary of Handy & Harman, has announced the acquisition of Omni Technologies Corp., Danville, N.H., a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of aluminum-based brazing and soldering materials.

Lucas-Milhaupt is a leading North American supplier of brazing and soldering materials and a member of the Handy & Harman Precious Metals Group of companies, a global leader in the development and application of brazing technologies with offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Omni Technologies is a manufacturer of products for specialized brazing and soldering applications. The company’s flux cored aluminum products are used for brazing in the HVACR industry and its family of metal-joining products include aluminum flux cored and coated wire and rings, non-corrosive flux coated shims, and a selection of braze and solder pastes that include aluminum, silver, nickel, copper, tin, and zinc alloys.

“We are pleased with this acquisition as Omni has pioneered several new technologies within our industry,” said Phil Malliet, president and CEO of the Handy & Harman Precious Metals Group. “We believe the addition of their specialty products and services offer significant opportunities for growth and market expansion.”

James L. Jossick, president of Omni, said, “Both of our companies have a long history of innovation and product development, and we’re excited about the opportunities for growth within the Handy & Harman family of companies.”

Publication date:12/03/2007